Ducote’s Tree Farm operates multiple truck spades and pod trailers, along with excavators and wheel loaders of various sizes.  Being able to access large and small areas, delivering one or multiple trees and utilizing the right equipment for the job is important to us.  Whether our customers need one tree or hundreds of trees planted, we have the equipment and hauling potential to fill the order.

Our 90” truck spade digs a 13,000 lb. root ball of undisturbed soil and root system.  This ensures that the tree will suffer minimal shock during transplant, all while delivering a dense root mass for the tree to reestablish itself from.  Our other spades can produce fantastic results as well for harder to get to areas using smaller trees.

We will work within your budget and landscape needs!

What separates us from other tree farms and spade operators are our root pruning techniques.  We can make a tree grow twice as fast as a container tree with our technique.  Every year we go through every single tree on our tree farm and trim the roots.  That’s when the tree can reestablish itself so much quicker than a containerized tree.  For every root trimmed, the root system re-sprouts three.  

We have partnered with  LSU’s Burden Research Center utilizing their knowledge and expertise in showing how root pruning enhances root density. This aids in water and nutrient absorption of the tree, and  the customer is ultimately the beneficiary of this technique.  Our spades can make use of this undisturbed mass of dense roots.